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Somewhere between the chaos of sticky notes and spreadsheets, and the expense and complexity of CRM, lives an alternative — a Contact and Customer Management solution.  Imagine something that keeps all your phone numbers, emails, meeting notes, to-dos, and documents for everyone you do business with in one, organized place. What if this info was easy to find and even easier to update, so you could stay focused on building long-lasting, profitable relationships?

Act! is the #1 Contact and Customer Management choice of small businesses and sales teams designed to do just that. Act! makes it easy for you to manage anything and everything related to your contacts and calendar. Think of it as your business command center that serves up relevant relationship details and also connects to business-critical services, desktop and web-based productivity tools, and social media to help you get results.  Act! makes it easy for you to have meaningful conversations with customers by giving you an organized view of everyone you do business with — even while on the move. And if you work on a team that needs to stay in sync, consider the additional benefits of using Act! Premium, which includes mobile access.

Affordable, easy to use, helps individuals, sales teams and small businesses get organized, maximize productivity, and achieve sales and marketing goals.

With subscription

•    Access innovative features and services as soon as they are available
•    Access expert support and resources when you need help.
•    Stay compatible with the latest updates including support for Chrome™ and Internet Explorer® 11 (without Compatibility Mode), plus experience dozens of performance and usability improvements based on customer feedback
•    Stay connected to the tools and apps you love, with exclusive access to hundreds of Act! Connect integration’s that help you automate tasks and save time.

What’s new in Act! v18.1

What’s new since your version?

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